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  • Diversifying a Portfolio of Stocks and Bonds with Precious metals
  • Protecting retirement money with a proven asset (5,000 years and counting…)
  • Building an optimum Portfolio of Mining stocks
  • Monitoring an Investment Portfolio using powerful Technical analysis tools like Andrews Pitchfork and Fibonacci techniques
  • Managing a Precious metals Portfolio through bull and bear Market cycles

That's exactly what we are doing with our own money at Satori Traders

We extensively researched the Precious metals sector before investing our money and we are simply sharing what we have done for ourselves


We applaud Investors who perform due diligence before putting their hard-earned money at risk and we provide Precious metals information to help those discerning consumers educate themselves


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Hi, my name is Bryan Post and I love the shiny stuff - Silver and Gold.

I've been investing in the Precious metals and mining stocks since 2002 when I realized that Gold is the only real money on the planet.

Here on I share everything I've learned about the metals, Financials markets, trading, Technical analysis, and the numerous games that central banks play with fiat currencies.

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