About Satori Traders


Satori Traders is a Proprietary trading firm engaged primarily in Swing trading the Financial markets.

Our Traders are laser-focused on the Precious metals (Gold and Silver) and the Mining stocks, but we perform Technical analysis of all the Financial markets using the predictive nature of Andrews pitchforks and Fibonacci techniques.

We identify high-probability Entry points and Exit points for Swing trading in Gold and Silver stocks and we share these Trading signals with subscribers to our Precious metals newsletters.

For guidance on the best Silver stocks to buy now, how to invest in Gold stocks, Swing trading strategies, Portfolio manager ideas, and Precious metals market analysis you are in the right place.

Satori Traders was founded as a Proprietary trading firm 20 years ago.

Bryan Post, the firm's founder, has worn numerous hats during his life: Engineer, Portfolio manager, Precious metals Investor, Technical analyst, Proprietary trader, Swing trader.

Bryan has a passion for the financial markets and enjoys all aspects of Investment management.