Hannan Metals Inc stock

Hannan Metals Inc (TSXV: HAN) is a top 10 tenure holder in Peru.

Recognizing the potential for district-scale copper-silver deposits in Eastern Peru, Hannan staked over 1,869 sq. km of prospective land.

It is unusual for a micro-cap junior Mining company to control such a large land package.

The average market capitalization of the top 10 tenure holders is US $50 billion while Hannan’s market cap is approximately US $30 million (as of Feb 2021).

The company has 81 million shares issues with 111 million shares fully diluted.

Dr. Quinton Hennigh sits on the advisory board of Hannan Metals (OTC: HANNF). An internationally-renowned economic geologist, Dr. Hennigh has more than 25 years of experience exploring for and discovering precious metals deposits.

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