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Eloro Resources (OTC: ELRRF) is earning-in to a 99% interest in the 9 square kilometer (900 hectares) Iska Iska land package located in Bolivia’s South Mineral Belt.

Some artisanal-scale mining has occurred on the property, but there has been no historic mining of any significance.

The polymetallic mineral deposit at Iska Iska is intact which is unusual. What makes this deposit unique is a protective layer of volcanic rock that prevented both erosion and artisanal mining.

The deposit appears to be very similar to other known polymetallic deposits in this prolific mineral belt. Based on the history of these producing mines, Iska Iska has the potential to host as much as one billion ounces of Silver.

Besides Silver and Gold, the unique deposit at Iska Iska includes tin, zinc, lead, copper, bismuth, and indium. All of these metals have real value and demand for tin and zinc will increase because of their usage in green technologies. Eloro could end up with a very low AISC for Silver and Gold after taking credit for the other metals.

Eloro (TSXV: ELO) has a tight share structure with only 64.3 million fully diluted shares (as of Feb 2021). Management, directors, advisors and significant investors hold 27 million of those shares (as of Feb 2021). 

Dr. Quinton Hennigh serves as technical advisor and senior business advisor for Eloro. He is an economic geologist with 25+ years of experience and an impressive list of mineral discoveries.

Dr. Hennigh's skills are in high demand during the current secular bull market in Silver and Gold. He serves as technical advisor to some of the premier Silver and Gold junior miners including NOVO Resources, Eskay Mining, New Found Gold, and Kuya Silver.

Drill results announced in January 2021 included hole number 15 with 4 oz. Silver/ton over 257 meters (130g/ton ag). This drill hole along with the others, confirmed that the breccia (rock fragments cemented together) at Iska Iska is well mineralized.

Dr. Quinton believes that there may have been more than one mineralizing event in Iska Iska's distant past. That could explain its high-grades and the diversity of the metals present.

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