Charts for Andrews Pitchfork Book



Table of Contents


Part I - Andrews Pitchfork

Chapter 1 - Newton / Babson / Andrews / Morge

No charts in Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - Drawing an Andrews Pitchfork

Chart 1. A blank chart that we want to analyze



Chart 2. High-Low-High price sequence



Chart 3. Midpoint (or Median) of the line



Chart 4. Median Line (ML)



Chart 5. Median Line Parallels



Chart 6. Andrews Pitchfork



Chart 7. Assessing fork quality

Chapter 3 - How Do We Use It?

Chart 1. Tentative Andrews Pitchfork



Chart 2. Possible short entry points



Chart 3. Price will reach the median line 80% of the time



Chart 4. Andrews Pitchfork describing downtrend in price

Chapter 4 - 5 Rules for Using Andrews Pitchfork

Chart 1. Price drops to median line



Chart 2. Price zooms the median line and retests



Chart 3. Zoom median line and retest - close up



Chart 4. Gap through median line and retest



Chart 5. Price reverses at median line



Chart 6. Hagopian's Rule

Chapter 5 - Standard-Schiff Pitchfork

Chart 1. Standard-Schiff pitchfork



Chart 2. Price interacts with standard-Schiff pitchfork

Chapter 6 - Modified-Schiff Pitchfork

Chart 1. Modified-Schiff Pitchfork

Chapter 7 - Parallel Lines

Chart 1. Sliding parallels



Chart 2. Trading ranges and price channels

Chapter 8 - Frequency

No charts in Chapter 8

Chapter 9 - Energy

Chart 1. Price losing energy

Chapter 10 - Andrews to Modified-Schiff Transition

Chart 1. Price losing energy in Andrews Pitchfork



Chart 2. Price rolls over into modified-Schiff Pitchfork



Chart 3. Price begins a downtrend

Chapter 11 - Terminology

Chart 1. Naming the parts


Part II - Technical Analysis

Chapter 1 - Support and Resistance

Chart 1. Support and resistance



Chart 2. Horizontal support and resistance



Chart 3. Round-number support and resistance



Chart 4. Andrews Pitchfork support and resistance



Chart 5. Fibonacci retracement support and resistance



Chart 6. Convergence of support and resistance

Chapter 2 - Energy

Chart 1. Price trend losing energy



Chart 2. Pokey bars



Strong bars / weak bars



Wide-ranging price bars



Dragonfly doji / Gravestone doji



Chart 3. Impulsive price movement



Chart 5. Extreme volume



Chart 6. Gaps



Chart 7. Runaway gaps

Chapter 3 - Fibonacci Retracement

Chart 1. Fibonacci retracement in an uptrend



Chart 2. Fibonacci retracement in a downtrend

Chapter 4 - Fibonacci Extension

Chart 1. Range-trading example



Chart 2. Fibonacci extension of A-B-C move



Chart 3. Forecasting price behavior



Chart 4. Fibonacci extension of A-B-C move

Chapter 5 - Volume

Chart 1. Volume confirms price movement



Chart 2. Volume spikes and capitulation selling

Chapter 6 - Indicators

Chart 1. MACD, Slow Stochastics and Volume

Chapter 7 - MACD

Chart 1. MACD Terminology



Chart 2. MACD trading signals



Chart 3. MACD divergence



Chart 4. MACD as a trend indicator

Chapter 8 - Slow Stochastics

Chart 1. Slow Stochastics and price energy

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