Regal Assets Review 2022

With the Regal IRA from Regal Assets investors can diversify into Precious metals and Crypto in the same account.

This unique Investment vehicle combines the security of physical Gold with the dynamic growth potential of digital assets.

Investors in 2022 are facing a perfect economic storm. As Inflation rages and interest rates rise, Financial markets are teetering on the edge of a very tall cliff. 

The traditional Investment Portfolio of Stocks and Bonds is unlikely to weather the coming storm without significant damage. Diversifying into alternative assets like Precious metals and Crypto is not just good Investment advice at this point, it may be critical to financial survival. The Regal IRA from Regal Assets provides investors with the security of Precious metals while giving them exposure to the unlimited growth potential of Crypto.


A combination of physical Precious metals and digital assets provides both protection and growth


Gold acts as financial insurance by increasing in price during periods of persistent Inflation and economic uncertainty

dynamic growth

Overall market cap of digital assets is growing rapidly as Crypto gains wider adoption among retail and institutional investors

Diversified Investment Portfolio

Diversifying into alternative assets protects a Portfolio from unexpected shocks in any one sector

Exposure to digital assets

Growing adoption of Crypto as an Investment vehicle could lead to higher prices for all digital assets

Inflation hedge

Gold holds its value while Inflation causes currencies to lose purchasing power

Here’s what people are saying about Regal Assets on Birdeye

Polite, Professional, Personal Touch

I would Definitely recommend Investing with Regal Assets, Christian and his Team are Polite, Professional and make Investing not only an Easy experience but their Personal Touch let's you feel Confident that you are in Great Hands for the Future.

John G. on Birdeye 12/16/2021

Did my due diligence - selected Regal Assets

I did my due diligence and selected Regal Assets to work with in establishing my self-directed IRA. Christian Howard was great to work with in making the process easy! He is experienced and informative. I'm confident that I made a good strategic decision.

George S. on Birdeye 12/14/2021

Good job Regal Assets

My first time doing a SDIRA. Christian and Jannette helped me setup a crypto IRA. Had lots of questions for Christian which he patiently answered. Now that the process is complete I can relax. Good job Regal Assets.

Lc R. on Birdeye 11/29/2021

Regal Assets Gold IRA

Customer-first focus emphasizes the value of Bullion products over expensive Proof and Special Edition Coins

Historic protection of Gold

  • Gold is the only asset with zero counter-party risk
  • Gold consistently performs well in times of economic turmoil    
  • Central banks continue holding Gold in their reserves
  • Central banks have been on a Gold buying spree since the Financial Crisis in 2008         

Portfolio diversification

  • The Traditional 60/40 Portfolio of Stocks and Bonds performs better throughout all market cycles when it is diversified with a 3% to 10% allocation towards Gold
  • With the exception of Precious metals, all Financial markets have reached bubble territory - Gold is the only safe-haven currently available

Hedge against Inflation

  • Gold tends to increase in price as the purchasing power of currencies is eroded through Inflation
  • Gold rose over 25 times in price during the Inflation of the 1970s ($35 to $850)
  • The price of Gold tends to increase rapidly when interest rates are being raised in a fight against Inflation 

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Regal Assets Crypto IRA

The Regal Assets Crypto IRA was the first self-directed IRA to offer digital assets

Cutting edge

  • First Crypto IRA 
  • First Crypto IRA to offer Coins and Tokens other than Bitcoin
  • Continually adding the latest qualified digital assets

Wide array of choices

  • Currencies: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash
  • DeFi: Aave, Chainlink, Maker 
  • Protocols: Cardano, Cosmos, EOS, Stellar, XRP

Digital revolution

  • Crypto is gaining acceptance across the World
  • Values stand to increase as adoption spreads
  • Central banks are moving towards digital currencies

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Unique Benefits of Regal IRA

The Regal IRA is unique because investors can hold both Precious metals and digital assets (crypto) in this single Investment vehicle.

There are two distinct benefits provided by this feature of the Regal Assets IRA:

Compound growth of trading profits

Active crypto traders can perform their trades inside the Regal IRA without having to pay capital gains taxes on their profits in the tax year those profits are earned.

Capital gains inside a tax-advantaged Retirement account are not taxed until those funds are distributed to the investor.

That means the active Crypto trader can re-invest both their original capital plus 100% of their profits allowing for compound growth of their tax-advantaged savings.

Move trading profits into Precious metals

Profits from Crypto trading inside the Regal IRA can easily be moved into physical Precious metals without having to perform an account-to-account transfer. 

This feature of the Regal IRA gives investors the ability to move retirement savings into, or out of Gold and Silver as frequently as they wish throughout the tax year.

The IRS only allows one account-to-account rollover or transfer per year so the Regal IRA dramatically increases the flexibility that investors have with their tax-advantaged savings.

Regal Assets Fees

Regal Assets fees on the Regal IRA are $250 per year, regardless of account size.

This annual fee covers account maintenance, secure storage of Precious metals, and insurance for the full value of the account’s assets.

Regal Assets Crypto IRA fees

Crypto trading fees vary but most cryptocurrency exchanges charge between 0.1% and 1.0% per trade. Trading fees are usually implemented on a sliding scale where large trades pay a lower percentage than small trades.

Regal Assets uses Kingdom Trust as their Custodian for Crypto assets and together the companies work to minimize the fees that Regal IRA investors are charged.

Regal Assets BBB

Customer reviews of Regal Assets - whether they are posted on BBB, Trustlink, or Birdeye - consistently mention the outstanding service provided by the IRA Specialists at Regal.

"... the team at Regal Assets were very helpful answering all my questions..."

"... Everything went smooth as clockwork from account creation to funds transfer to purchasing of the cryptos itself..."

"... acted in a professional, courteous, and helpful manner..."

There are a few Regal Assets BBB reviews where customers express dissatisfaction about delivery delays that occurred in 2021.

While these delays are obviously frustrating for investors they were occurring throughout the industry during 2021.

Retail and institutional demand for physical Silver and Gold has overwhelmed the available supply.

Longer than normal delivery times continue in 2022 as investor demand continues to exceed supply.

Regal Asset reviews on Trustlink

Set up with Crypto IRA

Christian Howard was very helpful in getting me set up with my Crypto IRA. Between him and Jannette Compton, I was able to get my account set up in a very timely manner and the transfer of funds was seamless. As soon as my account was set up and the funds transferred I was able to execute my trade.

Gerald M. - 04/22/2018

Smooth as clockwork

We were looking for the option to purchase cryptocurrencies within a Roth IRA. After researching a few options we settled on Regal Assets. Everything went smooth as clockwork from account creation to funds transfer to purchasing of the cryptos itself. All fees were fully disclosed prior to purchasing and Christian thoroughly explained the process and was on top of everything the entire way.

Stephen B. - 08/11/2018

Superior customer service

Once again, I received superior customer service from Regal Assets. Christian and Jeanette were very helpful and prompt answering my questions and assisting me with my precious metal acquisition.

Thanks again Christian and Jeanette!

Rick J. - 04/19/2020

Frequently asked questions

Is Regal Assets legit?

Regal Assets has been in business since 2009.

The firm is well-respected within the Financial services industry with recognition from both Inc. 500 and the Forbes Finance Council.

Regal receives mostly positive reviews from its customers and the few less-than-positive reviews involve factors outside of Regal's control (delivery delays on physical Precious metal).

With 12+ years in business, the respect of industry leaders, and thousands of satisfied customers it is safe to say that Regal Assets is legit.

What does Regal Assets do?

Regal Assets specializes in helping investors add alternative Investments to their Retirement accounts and Investment Portfolios.

The company provides self-directed IRAs for tax-advantaged investors and also sells Precious metals directly to consumers who want to take personal possession of their metal.

The company was the first to include Crypto assets in a self-directed IRA (late-2017) and was also the first to offer digital assets other than Bitcoin.

Regal Assets lawsuit

In a 2015 lawsuit, Regal Assets was charged with owning and operating affiliate websites which intentionally represented themselves as being independent of Regal.

This Regal Assets lawsuit claimed that the affiliate websites engaged in false advertising by recommending Regal while providing negative and incorrect information about Regal’s competitors. 

The lawsuit was dismissed after the judge ruled that the plaintiff had not adequately pled their case.

Regal Assets complaints

The most common Regal Assets complaints involve delivery delays experienced in 2021.

Industry-wide delays were caused by overwhelming investor demand for physical Silver and Gold. 

While it is unfortunate that investors at Regal Assets had to wait for their metal, it is likely that their experience would have been similar at any other company.

Regal Assets Wealth Partners

The Regal Assets Wealth Partners Affiliate program is for qualified financial service providers who want to promote the Regal Assets Gold IRA and Regal Assets Crypto IRA.

Participants in the program receive compensation for sending qualified leads to Regal Assets.

Regal Assets affiliate

Regal Assets affiliates are participants in the Regal Assets Wealth Partners program.

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