Kuya Silver Corp stock

In 2020 this junior Silver miner acquired a previously producing mine.

The Bethania mine was privately owned by a family that mined just enough metal to provide them with a comfortable income stream. They never explored the property thoroughly because they didn’t have to. High-grade Silver veins were discovered early in this property’s history and all the private owners did from that point forward is mine the valuable ore and truck it to a processing plant.

Kuya Silver now has 100% ownership of the Bethania mine and the company is targeting commercial production in 2022.

Instead of continuing with the toll-milling business model (mine high-grade ore and truck to mill), Kuya is building an on-site processing plant that will eliminate the cost of transporting ore to a mill.

KUYAF is also aggressively exploring their land package using modern techniques. With Dr. Quinton Hennigh providing technical direction, this effort is likely to result in NI 43-101 compliant reserves fairly quickly. 

As of late-2020 Kuya was in the process of acquiring its second property. Finalizing this acquisition will provide an additional catalyst for KUYAF share price going forward.

Bottom line: in Kuya Silver with have a dynamic growth story which has been significantly de-risked through its acquisition of a previously-producing Silver mine and land package which has never been explored using modern prospecting techniques.

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